That's Chelsea batting for the Braves. And if you look closely, you'll see Kathryn in the background wearing the striped tie.
But that's not the only action we saw in March!

On the first day of March, I got my (Christmas gift) Lakers watch sized.

Thanks, Tracy!

Every morning, I change Olivia's LOADED overnight diaper, get her dressed, and take her to daycare.

The sign says "Please do not sit on the shark", but nobody said I couldnt wrestle it!

(At the Manhattan beach Pier)

My boy Phil got his general contractor's license, so we took him to our favorite restaraunt in Chinatown to celebrate.

We kinda made Olivia pet the neighbor's dog, but I'm sure she would've done it on her own anyway.

The baby had a lot of "firsts" this month, like her first taste of semi-solid foods...

...she finally figured out how use her legs in her bouncy-thing...

...AND she figured out how to scoot around in her walker-thing!


(CLICK HERE for more
pics from our trip.)

Aunt Betsy, Olivia, and Tracy are poolside at La Costa in Carlsbad, CA. Cousin Luke hooked us up with some great rooms.

We went to dad's and hung out with the fam. Olivia was the center of attention, as usual.

I still cant believe how tall Kathryn is getting, and she's still growing! Check her out in her varsity softball uniform.

Phil finally sold his 1954 Chevy BelAir on eBay... of course we had to take her out for one last spin around the neighborhood.

I planned to wear all Lakers's gear on St. Patty's day for weeks, so why didnt I make sure some of it was clean BEFORE the big day came???
St. Patrick's Day, anyway

These are a couple of Olivia's nursery school homies on Darby's (right) last day

(CLICK HERE for more
pics from the game.)

Daddy-O, Chelsea, ME, and Kathryn at Chelsea's softball game.

Olivia hamming it up at the Begg's son's wedding reception.

Here she is with Uncle Charlie at the reception...

And here is the Begg family!

Olivia & I did a lot of bonding this month.

(I may have to be reminded of this picture 16 years from now)

This photograph was taken right before I received my FATHER OF THE YEAR award.

It's Olivia's bestfriend Ryan, and his mom Tina! But where's Ryan's dad?...

Oh there he is, brushing up on his Street Fighter 2 skills
(Remember that game???)

The last weekend in March was a busy one:

On Saturday morning, I went to the last session of "Middle Ground",...

...a youth mentoring program I work with every Saturday at a middle school in Inglewood, CA.

Meanwhile, Tracy caught up on some of her gardening...

...while Olivia hung out with some of her favorite toys on the grass.

She's graduating this year,
so this was her very last
high school performance

That night, I watched Jessica's school's production of "Once Upon a Mattress". She's a member of our church's youth group.

The next day, we took a family field trip to Hermosa Beach for a picnic on the sand.

Olivia LOVES spending time outside, daddy loves the Lakers blanket. EVERYBODY WINS!

(I think she was singing here)

A nice man was walking by just as we were packing up, so I asked him to take our picture before we left.

See you in April!

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